18 hours in town
in Helsinki, Finland on 13th June, 2012

My Mother and I spent 18 hours in Helsinki. It was a quick stop-off on a larger, Northern European trip.

While there we bought some boat tickets and explored the city's coast line and islands by boat. The weather was sunny but quite chilly due to the winds coming off of the Baltic sea.

There was 10,000 mooring spots for boats along the city's shoreline. Most people in Estonia (where I'm currently living) would be lucky to have both a home and a car and still keep their head above water financially. In Helsinki everyone seemed incredibly well-off and comfortable with displaying their wealth. I could never imagine owning a house, car and boat in London myself.

Helsinki has a population of about 600,000 compared to Tallinn's 400,000 but there are way more shops and locals seem to be out in the restaurants and cafes a lot more. One outdoor cafe we sat at was packed. I could see blonde women in my field of vision. I sure there were some men there but I couldn't spot any of them.

People were friendly to us wherever we went. We were continually spoken to in Finnish. We usually got an apology when they realised we didn't speak the language.

We had an early morning flight the day after we arrived. It was nice how quiet the airport was, I think they go out of their way to make sure there aren't blanket announcements all the time.

I didn't ever see it get dark the whole time we were there as I went to bed at 8pm and woke at 3:30am. At this time of year it might be dark for an hour or so max but then the sun comes right back up again.

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