Back in the Baltics
in Riga, Latvia on 17th June, 2012

The last country in our Northern European tour was Latvia. I've been coming here every now and then since 2006. I've never stayed more than a few nights at most and in recent years, my only stops were momentarily at the bus station or airport waiting for a transfer.

My Mother's side of the family are from Britain and Ireland so she has no family connections to Latvia other than she was married to my Dad who's half-Latvian.

We'd been lucky with the weather. We had a sunny day in each of the countries we'd visited and Latvia was no exception. I can remember stopping off at the airport going between London and Dubai in January and thinking this place looked like the most undesirable place to be at the time. Fast-forward six months and the Baltic summer, with it's slow and momentary sunsets, was showing it's best colours.

To be perfectly honest, nothing really happened during our visit. We just walked around, drank some coffee, I snapped a few pics and that was it. The city itself seemed pretty quiet (we were there on a Sunday and Monday).

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