Short Summer Holiday
in Parnu, Estonia on 14th July, 2012

Triin and I woke up on Friday, the day after my birthday party, and decided to go to Parnu for the weekend. We spent a few hours on the internet trying to find a place to stay as Parnu is very popular this time of year.

Around lunchtime I headed to a friend's office to help her out with her computer. Her Dad and Step-Mom had a property near White Beach in Parnu. The front of the house was a separated property that they rent out. The house had a fire pit out back and a sauna in the basement. I made a phone call to them and got it booked.

A friend drove us out to Parnu but then he decided to head to another part of the country. Triin and I were happy to have the place to ourselves.

On Saturday we woke up to Thunderstorms. None of the weather services had predicted this and weather maps weren't showing any clouds over Parnu. Around 11am the rain had subsided. Grete's Dad was kind enough to drive us into town.

We spent the day walking around, we had a tour of the town in the afternoon and towards the late afternoon we walked in the sea. In the evening I bought some marinated chicken and salad and we headed back to the place where we were staying. I BBQ'ed the chicken on the fire pit while enjoying some Belgian beer I'd got for my birthday and chatted with Grete's Dad about his experiences living in America.

Triin and I had a sauna later on that evening and fell asleep playing scrabble on my iPad.

The next morning we walked down to White Beach, had some lunch, and walked along the shoreline and a nearby forest. In the late afternoon we caught a bus back up to Tallinn.

It's weird, despite having a good time, we find it's such a relief to be back in our flat here in the centre of Tallinn. This really has become our comfort zone.

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