Caribbean Coast
in Tortuguero, Costa Rica on 2nd April, 2013

We spent the last two days on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. For both Triin and myself it was our first visit to the Caribbean Sea. We took a tour with an American/Nicaraguan expat couple through the state of Limon staying overnight in Tortuguero.

The area is only accessible by either boat or light aircraft. I'd been keen to phtograph some locals in fishing villages working away in the surroundings of palm trees and steel shacks that look like they're about to fall into the tropical light blue, semi-transparent water they border. I think I went someway to getting those shots I wanted but I think there is a lot more that could be achieved with more traveling and location spotting around the caribbean.

The room we stayed in overnight had mosquito nets instead of wood for it's upper walls. This meant we could hear the sea and all the animals and creatures in the jungle at night. We could also here the British woman and her kids next door as well. They were kind enough to wake us up at five in the morning.

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