Montenegrin Day Trip
in Budva, Montenegro on 1st May, 2013

We did a day trip from Dubrovnik here in Southern Croatia to Montenegro for the day. I didn't know much about the country till I looked up some facts on wikipedia the night before. I had a friend named Boris when I saw in junior high who was a refugee from Montenegro. He told me how half of his classmates back home were killed in the war and described other unpleasant things about back home in a Slavic accent to me from time to time. My geography at the time was horrible and I thought he came from somewhere cold and freezing like the middle of Siberia.

It clicked in my head as we drove from Dubrovnik to the border with Montenegro that the country must have amazing weather most of the year. When we arrived it was amazing. They had fortresses on mountain tops, villages surrounding a large bay, yachts owned by Brits and Russians docked in their ports and beautiful old towns in each city we visited.

We were able to withdraw and spend Euros everywhere. Merchants spoke English and were willing to haggle in the shops we visited. I had a glass of some of the local beer and it tasted pretty good. The old town wall in Budva was free to walk around (in Dubrovnik it's €11.80 for the privilege).

It looks like a lot of foreign cash is coming in. They've got a lot of nice hotels and restaurants and the locals don't seem to take tourists for granted like so many other countries do. I'm keen to return for another visit soon.

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