Saaremaa Island
in Kuressaare, Estonia on 1st August, 2013

Triin and I spent a few days out on the Estonian Island of Saaremaa last week. On the first day we arrived there was an overcast so we opted to spend the afternoon in a spa on the shoreline. The spa had four different pools and a Sauna. It wasn't fancy or elaborate in comparison to others we've visited in Estonia but it was €6 each to get in so I'm not complaining.

When we finished up at the spa I sat in the lobby while waiting for Triin. The spa did a good job of making the interior feel relaxing. The Nordic-style design made me think I could have been anywhere in Norway or Sweden.

In the evening we had some dinner and drinks with two friends in a restaurant in a Windmill. One friend was from Barcelona and his girlfriend was a local Saaremaa girl.

The next day we ate some breakfast at a cafe close to the castle in Kuressaare and met up with another friend who was local to Saaremaa. We filled up her car with 350KMs worth of petrol and set out drive around the island.

We visited a lighthouse on the southern tip of the island where the Soviets once had radar and missile defences in place. We had lunch at a lovely Estonian-style restaurant nearby for lunch. We then drove up the Eastern coast to some cliffs and traditional cottages at the top of the island. We visited a group of windmills in the centre of the island and finally a meteorite crash site closer to Kuressaare.

On the final day we took some time to explore the Castle in Kuressaare. They had a very interesting Soviet history of Saaremaa exhibition across three floors.

It's a bit sad it took me eight years of exploring Estonia to finally visit Saaremaa. It's a really lovely place but without a car it'd be hard to see all the interesting attractions scattered across the island.

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